Company Profile

Established in 1989, Our company's business nature is into engineering machinery and welding oven and related welding products and hardware. We are targeting local as well as oversea markets.
LKS Machinery & Hardware Sdn Bhd missions are to provide the best products to our customers.


We provide various engineering machinery and hardware to solve your problems. Our products consists of welding machine, welding equipment, electrode oven, welding generator and rotator and positioner. Our products are made to with stand the test of time and weather. Our products are durable, reliable and strongly constructed.

Bernard Q-Gun Series Air-Cooled MIG Guns

Bernard Q-Gun™ MIG Guns are designed from the ground up to solve problems, maximize productivity and improve your bottom line. Our Q-Gun Series is customizable to your specifications in order to get the job done right.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple lightweight, comfortable handle and easy-to-change trigger options 
  • Back end with durable rigid strain relief 
  • Unicable equipped with Stay-Tite™ technology 
  • Fixed, rotatable or flexible necks available 
  • Jump Liner 
  • Contact tip options include the Centerfire and Quik Tip Consumables 
  • Amperage ratings 

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